How to utilise feng shui in your garden in 2020

Feng shui, also known as Chinese geomancy, is a traditional practice originating from China over thousands of years. It is primarily the practice of harmonising people with their surroundings by focusing on the five elements of the earth – Fire, Wood, Water, Earth, & Metal.

Translated Feng means “Wind” and Shui means “Water” and encourages people to live in harmony with the natural environment around them.

Many people use the Feng shui principles in their home but your garden is an extension of your home so it makes sense that the two should flow together naturally and encourage the natural balance of energy. One of them being out of balance will affect the energy of your whole home. We want to work with nature and not against it.

Although there are no strict rules when working with Feng shui, there are certain tips and ideas that are used for creating a garden or home with the good flow needed to harness the energy required.

Size does not matter at all when it comes to Feng shui. Whether you have a big garden or only a small bit of land to work with. It is rather how you use that space that really matters. Even a small balcony with some window boxes can have the principles of Feng shui applied to them. The overall goal is to align the “chi”, or energy forces that bind us with the universe. Using certain colours, objects and materials in specific places can readjust the chi and help to promote health, happiness and abundance within our whole lives. A cluttered home or garden creates blockages and stops the energy from flowing freely, causing it to become stagnant which in turns causes the occupants to feel stuck, unmotivated and sluggish or even unwell. Before you begin to plan your garden make sure to clear any dead leaves, weeds, and tidy the lawn area. Throw away any broken toys or flower pots. Make sure to remember to clear out any garages or sheds!

Wind chimes are the perfect first addition to any garden as their sounds create a healing vibration and can naturally cleanse the air around you. Water should always be free flowing as the energy loves to move through it.  A pond can bring tremendous good energy to your home especially when placed in the South East.

Mirrors can be used to make a small garden appear bigger. A mirror with a wooden frame would be even better especially when placed in the East. Prune back any large bushes to help lighten areas and bring more space overall.

Placement of items in the garden is very important with Feng shui – The Bagua map is split into different sections and can be a handy tool when planning your garden.

North –  Water – Career

A water fountain or bird bath placed in the North is said to attract money and abundance with the combination of stone and water. Use flowers that are dark blue in this area. If you are wanting a rockery then place it here in the North.

North East – Small Earth – Knowledge

A bench should be placed in the North East as it is the perfect spot  for quiet reflection and connecting your personal and spiritual growth. Smooth pebbled paths connected to the North area would help create the zen feeling needed in this area.

East – Big Wood – Family

In the East, use bamboo to help focus the energy relating to your health and vitality. Use colourful flowers here and make sure to remove any dead flowers as soon as possible. Tall trees planted here work well.

South East – Small Wood – Wealth

The South East is said to be related to wealth. Not just material wealth but a full and happy life. Green upward growing plants, such as the Topiary Spiral and wooden ornaments will work well in this area. If you are a keen cook and are looking to start a herb garden then do this in the South East of your garden to give the feeling of abundance.

South – Fire – Success

Fire is the key element for the South and this is an energetic space relating to success and dominant energies. There isn’t a better place for your BBQ or fire pit than this part of your garden. Compliment it with fiery red and orange plants. Sunflowers would be an amazing addition to this area.

South West – Big Earth – Marriage

The south west is all about love, peace and harmony. It is the perfect place for a patio and your rattan garden furniture to bring friends and family together. Pink, red and yellow flowers work well in this area. Make sure that this space connects well to the rest of the garden. Try to ensure gentle curving pathways leading up to it to allow the energy to flow freely, we rarely see straight paths in nature. Curves and circular shapes all work well together and allow the energy to continue flowing uninterrupted.

West – Small Metal – Children

If you have children then place their toys or swing sets in the West. This area is great for harnessing the creativity and energy of both adults and children alike and it is deeply connected to pleasure and hobbies If you want to bring your own exercise outside then the west is the perfect place for you, especially if practicing Yoga. A hollow wind chime will add to the big vibrant energy here. White, gold or blue flowers should be placed in this area.

North West – Big Metal – Travel

An open seating area should be placed here with white blooms. The north west is dedicated for meeting new people and starting new beginnings. It should flow well with the seating area in the south west. It should be a sociable area that is inviting.

In a perfect Feng shui garden no area should be blocked off or difficult to access and overall free movement should be promoted to bring perfect balance and harmony to you and your home. Try to keep your design simple and choose flowers that promote the visits from butterflies and birds.

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