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Summer’s Coming! AC Repair Troubleshooting Guide

Often times, it feels like our AC units only have problems when we need them most. And when it comes to air conditioning, not being able to stay cool during the summer can be a nightmare.

The majority of these issues are often due to a lack of proper maintenance, or being ill informed on how to keep them working. Summer is coming, so we’ve put together this AC repair troubleshooting guide so you can enjoy warm and cool weather at your convenience.

Clogged filters

One of the most common obstacles that get in the way of your AC is a dirty filter. Air can’t flow through the filter when it’s clogged, which keeps it from being cool. This is often due to owners not replacing their central AC units enough, which can be a bigger problem if you’re constantly running it throughout the year.

With services such as AC repair in Honolulu, you can have an expert check the filters and clean them out in no time. It’s recommended that you take certain precautions when replacing central units because of what gets clogged, which usually depends on if you have pets or where you place your AC.

Thermostat settings

Whether or not you can enjoy air set at the right temperature on summer’s warmest and coolest days depends on what you have the thermostat set at. With the wrong thermostat settings, the air vents often spit out warm or hot air when you’re trying to stay cool in 90 degree weather. This could even lead to the AC being unable to turn on.

AC professionals often recommend making sure that the thermostat is set at “cool” instead of “heat”. This can be easy to forget when the seasons change, especially when it doesn’t get warm as quickly as people expect it to, which can be affected by where you live. If you’re still experiencing mechanical issues, then it might be time to replace your thermostat.

Refrigerant levels

Another part of your AC that you want to pay attention to is the refrigerant level. If these levels are too high or low, they can lead to the AC working harder than it should, which alters the kind of air you feel from the unit. This could also cause the AC to overheat and stop working altogether, costing you money as you have to buy a new unit.

It is best to have an expert check on your refrigerant levels, which are usually linked to possible oil leaks in the unit. The professional may be able to fix a single leak, but if there are multiple leaks, then you might need to consider getting a new unit.

Noisy fans

Dirt and debris can cause another problem with your ability to enjoy relaxing air from your AC: they can make your AC very noisy. The fans are responsible for transferring cool and warm air into your home, depending on what you prefer. However, if the fan motors aren’t cleaned, you have to deal with loud, irritating noise. This usually a sign that the AC hasn’t been cleaned in a while.

Your HVAC professional should take a look at the insides to see how much dirt is covering the fans. If there isn’t much, or any at all, then the problem lies with the fans being old or not working properly, which is a sign that you might have to buy new fans.

AC placement

Where you have your AC positioned also impacts how much cool air you get from the unit. Being in a window that gets a lot of sun makes it harder for the unit to produce cool air, and the thermostat might register the wrong temperature. The thermostat can also sense the heat from laps, TVs, and other electronics close by, which can make the AC run longer than it should, thus keeping it from working later on when you need it.

After an AC expert fixes your unit, it’s a smart move to consider moving the AC around the room so that it runs properly. We advise picking a window that doesn’t get as much sun, as well as a spot that is a safe distance from other devices.

Air Conditioning

Choosing Air Conditioning Systems Ogden Utah

It is proper to observe that summers in Utah occur at really high temperatures and this heat can go all the way to the last days of September. Residing in cities like Salt Lake and Layton requires you to have an air conditioner that can serve you as long as the summer lasts. In order for you to choose a proper air conditioning system, there are several factors that you may consider.

Conduct a proper research on your home

Before making a move to purchase a HVAC, it is important to know all the key requirement conditions. This will enable you to know what exactly you need. If you lack the knowledge for where to hit the start, you can always contact reliable professional contractors around your locality. In general terms, you can have a view of the kind of energy systems that are used around your neighborhood so as to get a glimpse of whether to use a gas or electric HVAC system. 

You can also take measurements of every room so as to get a rough idea of the volume of the room. This aids in determining how strong your system should be. In any case if your home is timeworn, it needs to be inspected for things such as mold and dirt which could be a barrier to the efficiency of the system once it is installed.

Consider various alternatives

In the past, if you owned radiators in the place of a forced-air furnace, you needed to either put up a complete venting system or window AC units. Nowadays, you do not require vents to add conditioning to your house. You only need indoor air handlers. You also don’t need to have any renovation done, except for a small hole in your wall to serve as a connection for the indoor and outdoor units.

Including whistles and bells

You might consider including a heat pump, which combines the works of heating and conditioning, instead of picking a traditional air conditioning unit. You might also take up a zone control system, adding them as part of a mini ductless split system or getting them installed into the existing ducts. This is a great development to consider as it is done easily during the installation process.

Reputation of the contractor

For every reason, you really do not want to have a bad contractor. A poor contractor might do a very shoddy work on your custom home requirements and this might cost you extra charges for re-doing the whole thing. A bad contractor might also overcharge you. Always look for a reputable, experienced, and licensed professional contractor to install your air conditioning systems Ogden UT.

In conclusion, it is very important to consider the factors listed above when thinking of installing an air conditioning system. This has such a great impact on how you will enjoy your A/C and also how much efficient it will be for Utah summer periods which could take longer.