Hiring Someone to Install an Asphalt Parking Lot & The Benefits of Asphalt

Paving a parking lot can be a very expensive purchase. However, if it is done properly, this investment will last for a long time. The key to ensuring that you are going to get the most from your investment is hiring the right company for paving. There are more factors that go into parking lot paving than simply pouring asphalt. However, by arming yourself with the necessary knowledge, you will know exactly what questions to ask, and how to properly screen companies before you contract with them. 

Do you know what is involved in paving a parking lot? If not, take the time to review the information provided here, so you know exactly what to ask before hiring a company. When you are armed with the right information, you can better gauge the responses you are provided with from each company you request a quote from. You should make sure that the answers you receive from the contractor meet the standards for parking lot installation Minneapolis MN.

Check for Experienced Asphalt Parking Lot Contractors

One of the most important aspects to consider when you are searching, or a paving contractor is how much experience they have. Just like any other company type, experience translates directly into quality and customer satisfaction. 

An experienced parking lot installation company will know the construction and zoning laws that your city has. Each city has the opportunity to create their own criteria, and each city must build these codes within the constraints of state guidelines. A reputable contractor will be able to explain the regulations and know what permits will be needed to avoid violating any guidelines provided by the state and local government.

Contractors should be able to show pictures and testimonials of the work they have completed before you contacted them. You can also find information about previous customers by searching reviews on the Better Business Bureau’s website. Reading these reviews will allow you to get a better sense of how they work with customers, and how satisfied customers are with the services they were provided. 

Understand the Importance of Installing the Sub-Base

Even if the exposed layer of asphalt looks beautiful, the underlayment of the parking lot could harbor a host of future problems for your business. If the sub-base of the parking lot is not properly installed, your parking lot could encounter cracking, sinking, shifting, and breaking of the top asphalt layer. 

Just like asphalt pavement on a road, the sub-base should be able to protect your asphalt from various ground-based climate issues that affect the stability and durability of the asphalt. Various geological factors will determine how this sub-base is laid. Where your business sits may require the use of a process called stabilization, which can protect the sub-base of the parking lot. This will ensure that the sub-base has a long lifespan, which will protect the overlaying asphalt in your parking lot.

You should also ensure that the company is able to handle:

  • Drainage problems
  • Providing solutions to drainage problems
  • Addressing individual issues surrounding laying asphalt in your parking lot
  • How to handle geographically specific problems
  • What geographically specific issues they may face which will affect the price of installation

Asphalt Can Be Considered a Green Application

May people are not aware that asphalt is a green material. Asphalt is recycled more than any other product that is produced in the United States. Every year, more than 100 million tons of asphalt is used to repair roads and more than 95% of this material has been recycled. It can also be created using materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill. 

Yes, asphalt may contain contaminants, but many of these are naturally removed before they enter the local ground water, or the water supply. Sub-base filters water and removes the contaminants that are held by the asphalt, which means the water flowing into the ground has been filtered. 

Take time to evaluate all of the positives a company has and how much experience they have working on projects that are similar to yours. Find out how many employees they will have onsite, and how much experience those employees have individually. Knowing this will allow you to determine how well your job will be completed, and how well they will work through individual problems that may arise while they are working on your parking lot.